So over the past couple months since the release of GADA Swing: Guide for Kettlebell & Steel Mace Training, I’ve gotten great feedback from many of you all over the world — it’s now sold in 10 different countries. However, I’ve gotten a lot of questions as to WHY steel maces are a perfect one-two punch with kettlebells. I’ve been working with kettlebells for more than a decade (being a certified StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor)  and working with steel maces for over 4 years. So I’m not only going to answer the most common questions, but give you a preview of what my GADA Swing ebook has to offer.

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So why these two? 

When swinging a kettlebell the hips must be mobile and the shoulders must be stable, packed down by the lats. Then the steel mace 360 flips this, with shoulders now mobile pushing and pulling the mace out and around as the hips remain stable. Both, however, ask the core for a lot of stability, but in different tied fashions. This is what Dr. Mark Cheng (creator of Prehab-Rehab) calls, the “Four Knots:” finding the right amount of stability and mobility in the shoulders and hips. He states, “If your shoelaces are too tight, you can’t move your feet well. If they are too loose, your shoe can come off. The knot must be a balance of strength and mobility.” Watch

What’s in GADA Swing exactly?

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It’s a PDF file that can be downloaded on your desktop or mobile device. There are over 130+ private hyperlinked Youtube videos to show you the proper form, technique, and details to every movement. Here on your right, is the Table of Contents for GADA Swing. Every chapter subject covered is broken down in detail with readable text, tutorials, and easy coaching correctives for common compensations. 

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So how does the GADA Swing Programming Work?

The goal of this ebook is for you not only to become stronger, but to be more aware and knowledgeable on how to move better. If you want to be sweaty and sore…go into a sauna and have someone beat you with a stick if that’s your goal. These GADA Swing workouts are designed to challenge you, but not overwork you for your daily life. Realigning your posture, realizing your weaknesses, and working on them is what gets you stronger. While there are many great fitness tools, we need to keep this as simple as possible utilizing ONLY the kettlebell & steel mace. It’s NOT about how much you can do with as many modalities and reps as possible, but rather what you can accomplish with less. There are 12 workouts EACH for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level athletes; with four bonus steel mace tire striking workouts. So you get 40 workouts. That’s three months of training to utilize the kettlebell & steel mace.

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“So what makes this different than any other ebook?”

What makes my ebook different than any other is the attention to detail, hyperlinked high quality captioned videos (with different camera angles), and my experience actually training people with these tools. First, many other ebooks ONLY offer a small portion of educational training…with no video content to get the right idea. If a program does offer video content…there’s no workout programming to put it to use. This is why there are two types of video formats in my ebook. The first is the in-depth coaching tutorials and corrective videos like this tutorial with the steel mace 10 & 2:

Then throughout the GADA Swing Program Workouts, 30 to 45 second demo videos with captions, set up positions, and details to remember when performing each movement is in every workout block. The short demo videos also have audio coaching cues if you need more guidance. Here’s one of my favorite steel mace flows as an example:

If you’re not familiar with hyperlinks, it means when you click on each exercise name on the PDF file – it will take you to a direct private YouTube video link as pictured below. If you want to perform safely and get stronger…having the right guidance makes a huge difference.

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So if you have any other questions about GADA Swing: Guide for Kettlebell & Steel Mace Training you can follow me on Instagram or email me here. You can purchase it HERE at this link. Hoping I gave a better idea of what I can offer both educationally and program wise for kettlebells and steel maces.

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