Just about every year in November, I notice many are ready to spend on Black Friday deals for steel maces. The steel mace is an incredibly simple tool to build grip strength, shoulder resiliency, and can give one hell of a total body workout. The problem is when most get them in the mail finally…they have really no idea what do. Luckily, I‘ve put together a lot of beginner steel mace workout videos over the years to help guide you in the right direction toward moving better and stronger with your mace. My steel mace YouTube videos have reached over 150K views combined and it’s because I’m actually coaching you in detail — not showing off.

My custom Mjölnir Thor Steel Mace

My custom Mjölnir Thor Steel Mace

Beginners want one thing – “just tell me how to use the damn thing.” The workouts below are focused on just that showing you how to build strength with simple exercises that work. I DON’T recommend beginners trying to perform 360’s in the first couple weeks. Why? You need to know how to engage the right muscle groups first — mostly the lats. The lats are the big muscle wings of your back and can not only prevent shoulder impingement during exercise, but double your strength output. So if your lats aren’t strong and you don’t know how to use them — 360s will only cause possible injury. This isn’t a static dumbbell weight in which you can cheat form (like presses & curls). Since the mace is asymmetrically loaded, it requires your full focus to control it. So keeping your shoulders retracted (or “packed”) into your lats will make your experience much better with the steel mace with the exercises I featured in these workouts:

*SETS & REPS listed after each steel mace video workout*

– Press Outs: 8-10 Reps each side / 3 SETS for each side

– Dynamic Curls: Perform for 45 Sec/ 2-3 SETS

– Side to Side Lunges: Perform for 30-45 Sec / 3 SETS

– Deadlift to Bent Over Row: 6-8 Reps each side / 3 SETS

– Back Step Uppercuts: 6-8 Reps each side / 3 SETS

– Pendulums to Offset Press: 5 Reps each side / 3 SETS

– Squat Pressouts: 5 Reps each side /3 SETS

– Ground & Pound: Perform for 30-45 Sec / 3 SETS

– Walking Lunges: 10yards & back / 3 SETS

– L1: Lap Squat + Side Step Lunges: 10 REPSs / 4 SETS

– L2: Lap Squat + 360 + Side Step Lunge: 10 REPs / 3 SETS Each side

– L1: Front Squat to Back Step Lunge: 10 REPSs / 4 SETS

– L2: Front Squat + 360 + Back Step Lunge: 10 REPs / 3 SETS Each side

So when implement these three steel mace workouts into your routine I would go every other day — 3x a week (Mon/Wed/Fri). If you want to do it 4x a week — simply repeat one of the three. If you’d like more steel mace workouts like these check my ebook GADA Swing: Guide for Kettlebell & Steel Mace Strength Training. It features 40 workouts, and builds into beginner, intermediate, and advanced programs with over 130+ hyperlinked private videos for in-depth tutorials, correctives, and exercise demos for every workout. For more, check out the link HERE. Hope you enjoy the steel mace beginner workouts. You can also bundle it with Volume 2 with heavier mace training saving 25%.

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