With my recent release of my third ebook I wanted to give you a solid preview of what Reinventing the Steel Mace is all about. Steel mace and bodyweight training I believe go perfectly together and make your workouts much simpler (not needing any giant bulky machines). So this will be great for tactical athletes (first responders & military) and people who want to advance their training to the next level. Minimalism is what inspired this ebook (doing more with less). What can you do with a steel mace and set of rings for an hour workout?

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The Steel Mace Thor Pike Cossack is on the front cover because it represents everything covered in this ebook — being strong in very mobile positions. Reinventing The Steel Mace is about changing the classic mace and bodyweight strength exercises to new uplifted levels.

What’s different about this ebook versus the others?

The big difference is having an in depth breakdown of bodyweight skills (with gymnastic rings) and all of their biggest compensations. As you see in the example below, the ebook features an entire Bodyweight 101 Education chapter focused on crawling, pushups, pull-ups, dips, squats, cossacks, kneeling positions, and plyometric dot drills (for speed & agility). You get detailed pictures on each page and everything in GREY FONT is private hyperlinked video tutorials giving you more correctives to perfect your technique.

First 8 pages of the Bodyweight Education chapter

First 8 pages of the Bodyweight Education chapter

So now you’re asking “what does steel mace training have to do with bodyweight training?” People often let their tools define their training methods (which doesn’t work at all). All the cues I teach in bodyweight training instantly connects to the positions to stabilize the steel mace. Learning what muscles to engage will not only get you stronger, but will have a long term effect keeping you injury free. Learning to pack your lats (the big muscle wings of your back), bracing your abdomen, and rooting to the floor are critical techniques in any training style to go the next level to building real strength. To get a clear example, here’s a squat tutorial building your foundations with the gymnastic rings first and then advancing them to the steel mace.

Why gymnastics rings?

Rings are very easy to set up. All you need is a STABLE anchor point to loop the straps around into the cam buckles

Rings are very easy to set up. All you need is a STABLE anchor point to loop the straps around into the cam buckles

Rings are one of the most versatile and easy to set up tactical tools. All you need is an anchor point at least 6-7 ft high. This can be done with a pull up bar, squat rack, or a tree. The rings will not just be utilized to build your bodyweight skills in the beginner program, but also used to differentiate how to warm up with mobility drills to unlock your joint system for better range of motion. Then following after the workouts there will also be flexibility drills with the rings for a better cool down like this ring glute stretch demo below.

Knowing the difference between mobility and flexibility will be critical to understand for the success of this program. It’s mind boggling when I see a person “stretch out” before a workout for 30-45min. Warm ups should take no more than 5-10 minutes and the focus should be on increasing range of motion with the body’s main joint systems with constant repetitive movements. When relating mobility versus flexibility think of tying your shoe. If the laces are TOO tight…your ankle loses mobility. If it’s too lose…your shoe will fall off.

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Is this similar to the GADA Swing ebook?

NO, one of my main goals when making Reinventing The Steel Mace ebook was to NOT make this similar to GADA Swing. The last thing I would ever do to my loyal followers is cheat them with a cheap reproduction of the same content. While the setup, techniques, and foundational steel mace movements will be familiar — both GS and RSM program workouts are VERY different.

Reinventing Steel Mace Education 101 Chapter Preview

Reinventing Steel Mace Education 101 Chapter Preview

For those who aren’t familiar with GADA Swing, a single kettlebell is the main companion to the steel mace. For this ebook, it’s strictly steel mace and rings. So there’s no kettlebells utilized in the RSM program. In the Steel Mace Education 101 chapter, there’s a lot of new steel mace exercises with swing & catch variations, figure 8’s, burpees, balance 360s, and mace plank/pushups that are ONLY in this ebook (as seen above). Here’s one of my favorite moves for this ebook — Steel Mace Hand to Hand Rotational Swing & Catch:

How are the workouts programmed?

There are 40 workouts split up into three experience levels: beginner (12 Workouts), intermediate (12 workouts), and advanced (16 workouts). You will need to workout 4 times a week with each day focused on:

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  • Day 1: Push / Pull

  • Day 2: Squat / Lunge


  • Day 3: Hanging / Ground

  • Day 4: Hinge & Agility


Each workout is listed by their experience level and number to link up to this format. Then after the four weekly workouts will be repeated the NEXT week again to better improve your skills. So both the beginner and intermediate should last 6 weeks (advanced lasts 8 weeks having 16 workouts). Then of course ALL the exercises listed in each workout are hyperlinked to a private video 30-45 second demo. There are well over 130+ hyperlinked videos in this entire ebook. Each workout block lists the reps, sets/rounds, and needed position for each workout to be completed.

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If you like what you saw here in this preview you can download Reinventing the Steel Mace ebook HERE. Also be sure to add this discount code to SAVE on your order: RSM10. You can also buy two ebooks and then get the third free HERE.