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Anyone who has been following my online content for the past couple years knows how much I preach my knowledge not just for steel maces, but steel clubs as well. Transcending people’s enthusiasm for steel maces into steel clubs was a major task at first, but over years putting out in-depth tutorial videos, publishing an entire ebook program, and online certification for both indian & steel clubs has helped spread the word for fitness professionals and enthusiasts. However, while developing all this content I had to ask myself “why do people favor maces over clubs so fast?”


A big issue I realized it wasn’t so much people weren’t interested in steel clubs…it was investing more money into another tool they didn’t know a whole lot about. Buying a 10lb or 15lb steel mace really won’t cost that much and that weight selection will be perfect to build your strength with it for that year. Yet, steel clubs work better with heavy singles and medium sized doubles…which means more money. Not only that, many think clubs “won’t be that hard” buying online and after realizing it’s too heavy for their current skill level…they buy lighter ones (more money again). It’s why a high percentage of people who get into steel clubs already have experienced themselves with steel maces (it’s very rare I meet someone the other way around). It’s a lot like people who love kettlebells also love barbell lifting because they share the same training methodology.

So what if I told you that you could SKIP :

  • Weight selection guessing

  • Questioning if steel clubs are right for you

  • Wasting money on set weights for BOTH maces & clubs with tax/shipping costs

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If you told me that last year, I would’ve laughed at you, but then I got a call from Dallas, TX from a guy named Josh telling me about his idea engineering a steel mace that transforms into a steel club by simply removing four threaded handle sections and has detachable weight heads. Which I thought was genius because I knew this would fit perfectly into my system for utilizing steel maces and clubs. He called it the LifeX Modular Mace, and I told him to send me one right away so I could see if this was the real deal.

After playing with it for a straight week I was amazed how easy it was to lengthen and shorten the LifeX Modular Mace with different weighted heads. It flowed smoothly with 360’s and stayed absolutely solid (not unthreading from the handle sections). So you’re still saying “no, this is too good to be true” — I made this introduction video showing you how its all transforms:

Price Comparing with Set Weight Steel Mace & Clubs

If you saw the ending of the introduction video — you have over $500+ of retail value and then after tax & shipping it will likely be over $650. So you’re saving well over $250+ in steel mace & club value. As you see on the left, the LifeX Modular Mace Kit can transform into a 25, 20, 15, 10, 7lb steel mace and 20 ,15, 10, 5lb steel club.

Price Compare.jpg

Can You Travel With Steel Maces & Clubs?

“BUT Coach Vaughn? That’s still a lot of money to spend.” Yes, but you’re getting what you pay for especially if you travel for work or train people on the road. If I had this (before Viking Valhalla Training Center) when I was training people at their homes and parks I would’ve loved this and it would’ve paid for itself easily. Look at the price comparison picture again…do you want to haul ALL that on the left? Hell no! Even today, I’ve done steel mace and club workshops and they’re a pain to throw in your car. The LifeX Modular Mace kit fits in any travel bag and will save you loads of time on the road. Among talking with Josh about the kit, he took it with him to Mexico City on vacation and had no problems with TSA at the airport.

Battle Tested Workouts:

Now you’re saying “well I still don’t know that much about steel club training.” In case you’re new with my content…believe me I got you covered and made an entire Steel Mace & Club Workout Series featuring the LifeX Modular Mace. So whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced you find a workout that fits your skill level. You also get to see how easy it is to switch out the handle lengths for the specific mace & club exercises.

Where Can I Get One?

So, you if want to get yourself a LifeX Modular Mace Kit — head over to This is one of the best tools you can get for your growing arsenal and to make your training methods more unique to keep things interesting for long term goals. If you have anymore questions about the LifeX Modular Mace feel free to ask by sending an email from the contact page HERE. You can also follow the LifeX Modular Mace Instagram HERE as well for more.