If there’s any fitness stereotype I’m sick of hearing about it’s that women should lift pink baby weights, perform an endless amount of leg targeted exercises, and booty band bullshit workouts. Yes, you heard me…#bootybandbullshit. I’m sorry ladies, sticking a thick band around your knees as you do “pulsing squats” (or lazy half rep squats), lunges, and other trendy exercises will NOT give you a bigger butt. Man or woman, the body is one piece and is not built like frankenstien for people to judge you on a social media platform. It’s become a sad reality that both men and women treat gym environments more like a showoff model runway. I’m all for confidence, but if you don’t have a butt..why fake it? Patience is power and no one will ever learn that by being on Instagram 24/7 wanting what someone else has. The picture below depicts where women’s trendy values are at. A strong woman in my opinion could care less about these superficial attributes and focus on what can be best for their goals.

Women Leggings.png

Speaking of Instagram, when I made a post stating: “Ladies, just a reminder you can pick up a steel mace to workout with, get strong, and scare insecure men with it at the same time.” To which my long time student Amanda replied: “Apparently just being a secure woman in general is enough to scare them away.” I write this because I seriously know women who are stronger than their own boyfriend (and have bigger legs) and lower their standards because of weak male insecurities. A woman can be as strong as she wants to be — especially when it comes to being a mother. I’ve always found it pointless for a fitness professional to give a mother 3lb dumbbells when training them because if their child is hurt or in danger…they pick them up no matter how much they weigh (and magically don’t get bulky either).

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 3.58.13 PM.png

With that said, any woman that comes into Viking Valhalla Training Center gets treated the same as anyone else. Basing one’s programming off their sex is by far one the dumbest blind habits happening in fitness. Man or woman…everyone knows how to swing kettlebells, maces, and clubs with my coaching methods because I think they’re some of the most underrated strength tools out there. So in this women’s video workout series I’ll be featuring Kara — an aspiring stuntwoman who trains jumping off 40ft towers, wirework, fight scenes, and getting lit on fire for the movie entertainment industry (watch the intro of the first video below to see her crazy ass). I’ll also be featuring the LifeX Modular Mace in these workouts to show you how easy it is to make the handle longer or the weight heavier by switching the detachable threaded heads. There are three steel mace & club workouts below going from beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

BEGINNER Steel Mace & Club Workout:

•Long Mace: Side Step Lunge: Perform for 30-45sec / 3SETS

•Short Mace: Lap Squats: Perform for 30-45sec / 3SETS

•Club Mode: Rotational Pullover to Pressout: 6REPS each side/3SETS

•Club Mode: 1H Clean to Mill: 6REPS each side/3SETS

INTERMEDIATE Steel Mace & Club Workout:

•Mace 360 to Back Step Lunge: 5 REPS / 4 SETS

•Mace Uppercuts 10 REPS Each Side / 3 SETS

•Club Rotational Pullover Side Swing Lunge : 6REPS each side/ 3SETS

•Club 2H Swing to Side Step Lunge: 6REPS each side/3 SETS

ADVANCED Steel Mace & Club Workout:

•Mace 360 to Pressout Squat : 6 REPS Each Side / 3 SETS

•Mace Back & Forth Uppercut Lunges: 6 REPS Each Side / 3 SETS

•Club Figure 8’s: 10 REPS each side/ 3SETS

•Club 1H Side Lunge Swing: 10 REPS each side/ 3SETS

Big thanks to Kara for demoing in this video series. If you’d like to see more steel mace & club workouts check out my last article: Why The LifeX Modular mace Is A Must Have (click here) or head to to get one now. Also be sure use the discount codes below to save on my latest ebooks: