What I’ve always loved about kettlebells is all the different type of swings you can do with them. However, many beginners strictly associate kettlebell swings with the classic two handed version. This is why is my first volume of GADA Swing: Guide for Kettlebell & Steel Mace Strength Training I utilize a SINGLE kettlebell for the entire program so you learn the differences between two handed, one handed, and hand to hand swings throughout the education chapters. Then in GADA Swing Volume 2, I advance the programming into Kettlebell Doubles & Heavy Maces. I make these skills detailed and structured because all too often people rush their skills advancing into kettlebell doubles due to poor social media influence. So I’m going to show you the proper way of educating you the differences between a single & double kettlebell swing and how to execute them with good technique so you can advance them into more kettlebell double swing variations.

How to Set Up Kettlebell Doubles:

The U.S Army has a saying “same standards, different conditions” when advancing certain skills. You’re standards of keeping a neutral spine with a dominant hip hinge position in the set up will remain, but the changing condition here is we need a wider (sumo deadlift like) stance so the kettlebells can travel in between your legs without banging into your legs. It is also key to point your toes OUTWARD at a 30-45 degree angle so the knees can also push out; as the hips flex back and explode into extension with more glute contraction. With a wider stance, your hips must produce more ballistic power or else your knees will compensate caving inward (valgus) to make up the lack of power.

GS2 KB Double Set Up.png

The devil is in the details as you also notice how my shoulders align toward the kettlebells in a tilted position (packing into my lats) so they can naturally hike up into the back swing (above the knees). If your shoulders are in a shrugged position you will more likely compensate by pulling the kettlebells versus actually naturally swinging them.

Executing with Consistent Power:

Kettlebell Double Deadstop Swings are best if someone’s reps that look great for the first couple, but absolutely suck on the last reps. This also corrects the head position by “looking 6FT ahead.” You do NOT want to look up & down as you swing kettlebells because this kinks the neck and decreases neural engagement to your lats. Slight neck extension is okay, but I shouldn’t see a major skin crease on the back of your neck at the same time.

Going FULL Swing

Once you own a proper set up and own the skills for a explosive hip hinge — you can go full swing. Notice in the demo below, my hips maximally flexed with minimal knee flexion as I look 6 feet ahead. Then as soon as your hips extend, the arms should release away from the torso as the kettlebells float as the body vertical plank.

Advancing into Cleans & Snatches

If I were to take a picture of your backswing…I shouldn’t be able to tell if you’re about to do a swing, clean, or snatch. I bring this up because commonly when I advance a student with cleans or snatches…all their hip power disappears. Think a clean is a swing that ends in the rack position and a snatch is a swing that ends overhead. This is best learned when performing each one into a kettlebell double swing complex as you see below.

Notice how my power of each swing variation in executed from everything we’ve talking about it: the set up with a wider stance, feet at 45, kettlebells tilted, and hiked above the knees into a solid hip hinge. Pause the video in each rep of the backswing and it’s the same every time I ascend into a swing, clean, or snatch. If you feel you need more work on your clean or snatch technique — check out my related articles: Why Your Kettlebell Clean Sucks or Why Your Kettlebell Snatch Sucks.

So I hope I gave you a more educated influence HOW to swing kettlebells with doubles. Remember to take your time when learning and keep the reps minimal (5-10) so you can maintain power. It also never hurts to have a set of experienced eyes give you feedback. Be sure to checkout my latest ebook: GADA Swing Volume 2: Guide For Kettlebell Doubles & Heavy Mace Training featuring Stick Mobility with Bonus Steel Club Sub Options for 40 programmed workouts. You can also bundle it with the first volume to save 25% off your purchase — CLICK HERE