With the recent release of my latest ebook, GADA Swing Volume 2: Guide For Kettlebell Doubles & Heavy Mace Training — I wanted to showcase how I add in bonus steel club subs for each exercise in over 40 workouts into this special ebook program. While kettlebells and steel clubs are vastly different in shape…they are very similar how to properly execute them with swings, squats, get ups, and snatch variations. So I made a three part series with Kettlebell Double Workouts with Bonus Steel Club Subs to give a solid detailed look on how to integrate them listed below:

Workout 2.png
Workout 3.png

If you’d like to see more of GADA Swing Volume 2 has to offer watch this video below as well — fully breaking down all of it’s features. You can also get both GADA Swing Volumes at 25% off linked here as well