Isn’t it funny how many associate grip strength with our hands and not our feet? Whenever I assess someone’s kettlebell swing or steel mace 360…the first I look at are the feet. About 75% of the time, the technique issue is related to one’s constant rocking (back & forth) in cushy soled shoes. Many of today’s “performance shoes” have slightly elevated heels, thick soles, and closed toe boxes (not allowing the toes to naturally splay). This causes constantly instability and misalignment for the entire body from the ground up (possibly causing low back & knee pain).

This is why at Viking Valhalla I encourage many to train WITHOUT shoes and learn how to truly root their feet properly to feel the difference. And the balance beam has a great tool I’ve utilizing to help demonstrate this with other simple tools like the steel mace. This is why I’ve put together this workout video below how to integrate it and get your feet stronger. If you don’t have a balance beam, you lay down some thick tape or use a wooden 2×4. If you would like to get the same foldable 9ft balance beam I have in this workout click here to get it on Amazon. The exercises, reps and sets are also listed below:

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 10.31.31 AM.png

If you’d like to see more steel mace balance beam exercises like these — be sure to check out my latest ebook, GADA Swing Volume 2: Guide for Kettlebell Doubles & Heavy Mace Training. These balance beam drills make your medium sized mace feel heavy all over again and in turn make your heavy maces better stabilized once off the beam knowing how to properly root. If you’d to know more I have related another article: How To Go Heavier With Steel Maces. You also get both GADA Swing Volumes at 25% HERE.

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