Custom Steel Mace Rack

Custom Steel Mace Rack

In the last month, my YouTube channel has exploded with hundreds of new subscribers interested in steel maces (with the recent events of course). So with this came a lot of good questions that many beginners have. So I put together this Steel Mace Training FAQ video together in detail to help bring a better understanding to this great fitness tool — answering these most commonly asked questions:

1. “Where Did You Get The Steel Mace Rack?”

2. “This is Stupid…Just Use A SledgeHammer?”

3. “Where Do I Buy Steel Maces?”

4. “How Heavy Should I Go?”

5. “Why Do My Shoulders Hurt With 360s?”

6. “Which Hand Pushes& Pulls For 360s?”


Article Link: Differences Between Steel Maces & Sledgehammers

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Onnit is usually sold out on steel maces, but you can check here (NOT AFFILIATED WITH THEM). For those that don’t know…I’m really not a fan of Onnit’s “Educational content” (if you want to call it that) and they ripped off the my sledgehammer & steel mace difference article in their bullshit “free steel mace ebook” last year not crediting me. They make good equipment, but their content is all based on being a show off for Instagram.

Rogue Fitness – Wolf Brigade Mace

Agatsu Steel Maces

Apollo Steel Maces

Article Link – Steel Mace Weight Recommendations

Steel Mace Workouts- Coach Vaughn’s Steel Mace YouTube Playlist

For more tips on how to workout with steel maces be sure to check out my ebooks full of educational chapters, tutorials breaking down essential techniques to attain strength with them, and program workouts for all beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Use the codes below at checkout, bundle saving 25%, or buy 3-4 ebook and get one FREE below linked here.

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