Clubs are finally starting to become more mainstream in the strength world. However, many are confusing Indian and Steel clubs . . . as the same thing? One is built for speed and the other is meant for raw grip strength. Watch this video breaking down the differences between the two:

As soon as I posted this video, I knew I was going to get inevitably bashed by Club Traditionalist linking videos of their origin (which is exactly what happened). I’m very aware of Traditional Indian Club Training methods with larger clubs/gadas in all shapes & sizes. This video explains the MODERN use of light Indian & heavy steel clubs for those in western culture who have no idea how or even what clubs are because it’s not a common tool in the west. Hence, why I constantly reference American sports like baseball & football in this video to help relate the common movement patterns with them.

Modern steel & wooden clubs of this sort are getting popular because they can be shipped easier with less cost. Very few will spend the money to ship out (or even make) a giant wooden sized Gada, Jori, Karela, or Meel from another country (let alone make space or train someone with it). So if you want to train traditional…do so (and I’m not saying it’s wrong by any degree). However, this is how clubs are becoming modernized in the west thanks to researchers like Dr. Ed Thomas and Gray Cook (FMS).

If you’d like to know more about Indian & Steel Clubs — I have more articles linked below:

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