With steel maces booming in popularity, it’s no surprise Amazon has jumped on the band wagon. Having been to be a producer of steel mace education methods for the past decade I get asked all the time “which maces do you use in the videos?” or “what’s the best mace I could get on Amazon?” Now in 2014 when I got into steel maces, Onnit was the only real premier website selling quality steel maces, and I’ve been using them in my online content, group sessions, and many tire striking sessions within those 8 years with them. Clearly, Onnit makes quality products (but not education). The problem for many in this new post 2020 inflation era is shipping costs are now insanely high and pushing people’s budgets to the point of questioning whether to invest in even one steel mace or not. While I still recommend Onnit Steel Maces if you plan to buy for quality — it’s becoming more understanding why people are buying steel maces on Amazon with their “Prime Free shipping” saving a lot of money.

However, not all brands are created equal in high quality production standards and make poorly made steel maces tempting you with cheap prices with free shipping. While I’ve invested in quality maces over the years – there have been plenty I instantly sent back for a refund when buying heavier steel maces. So what are the signs of a poorly made steel mace?

– Shipping Box isn’t taped and sealed with staples

– Not bubble/styrofoam wrapped in box to prevent scrapes during shipping

– Poor cast between the handle and mace head

– Painted black with no powder coat

– Knurling looks and feels weak

– Cheap plastic ends caps (a personal peeve of mine)

So to put my money where my mouth is on these signs, I took it upon myself to order the Top 5 steel maces that came up first in the Amazon search bar. Then reviewed each steel mace brand and put a video together visually showing you these signs of good & bad production methods. To no surprise, only 4 of the 5 showed up at my doorstep and to this day (ordering them on June 2nd) I still have NOT received a steel mace from Garage Fit (my order page proclaims the order is now “lost”). So I heavily advise against Garage Fit Steel Maces with them not even making the video cut of this experiment. If you wish to skip past the featured video in the article – I have written out grade letters for each brand with them linked below.

Yes 4 All Steel Mace – CLICK HERE for Link

Shipping & Packaging: POOR

Iron Cast: POOR

Knurling: OKAY

Details: Cheap Plastic Cap and NOT Powder Coated


Never did I think I’d  have problem with a steel mace company . . . before ever trying their steel mace. This Yes 4 All Steel Mace Amazon ad is clearly ripping off my mace rack in the background of this photo without my consent. My father built this wooden custom steel mace rack back in 2014, and if you disagree they’re not the same, the red circles marked clearly state other wise. Personally, I give this cheap Chinese brand an F Grade. This sadly isn’t the first time a company has ripped off my content.


Synergee Steel Mace – CLICK HERE for Link

Shipping & Packaging: GOOD

Iron Cast: OKAY

Knurling: OKAY

Details: Cheap Plastic Cap


Retrospec Steel Mace – CLICK HERE for Link

Shipping & Packaging: GREAT

Iron Cast: OKAY

Knurling: GREAT

Details: Steel Cap & great powder coat


TAC FIT / Viking Ninja Steel Mace – CLICK HERE for Link

Shipping & Packaging: GREAT

Iron Cast: GREAT

Knurling: GREAT

Details: Steel Cap & great powder coat


So out of the 4 steel maces reviewed in this article — TAC FIT is the clear winner if you are wanting an affordable steel mace on Amazon (with Retrospec at a close second). Synergee and Yes 4 All steel maces will not last in the years to come and represent the saying “you get what you pay for” when they warp, bend, and rust from the inside due to their poor casts to the mace head and plastic end caps. While there are tons more brands we can mention — what’s important is you now know the details of what makes a quality steel mace worthy of your hard earned money.

If you need more steel mace info, I have a paperback book, Enter The Steel Mace, out on Amazon as well to show you everything you need to know all in one source with a beginner workout program that can be downloaded through the QR code featured inside the book. CLICK HERE to get your copy and check out the promo video below for more details: