From someone that uses 80% of steel made fitness tools – I was skeptical when I first saw the Onnit HyroCore Bag in action. To be honest, I thought it looked like a pool toy. However,¬†when I read the HydroCore Bag design (Invented by Maurizio Tangari) was inspired by Navy Seal Zodiac inflatable boats . . . it took away a lot of the worry of buying a $100+ water bag that could possibly spring a leak or get warped under hard workouts. It was also very much inspired by the original Bulgarian Bag, invented by Ivan Ivanov years ago. While I do like Bulgarian Bags — my biggest problem with them was their average price point of $199 or more before tax & shipping. So not only is the HydroCore bag half the price of a Bulgarian Bag, it can be tactically loaded, not needing separate weights (another huge cost). So I decided to pull the trigger and get one, and two years later it’s still intact and has been a tool favorite to spice up my workouts with new moves.

“How Do I Load It?”

Now when getting the HydroCore Bag in the mail, it takes only minutes to set up. It comes with a built-in main valve and comes with a separate twist on release valve and secures into it when the main cap is off (important you don’t lose the release valve). From there, all you need to do is fill it in a sink with running water until both bag ends have 5-10lbs of water in it. The great part about this tool is you don’t need a lot of weight to feel it’s effects when first swinging the HydroCore Bag (if you’ve swung steel maces and clubs you know what I mean). Once you have a good amount of water — all you need to do is blow into the release valve to give the HydroCore Bag’s full horseshoe shape. To see this in action, you can skip to 4:10 in the Beginner Onnit HydroCore Workout video below.

“Well How Do I Workout With It?”

Now here comes the hard part for many…what the hell do you do with this tool beyond one cool Figure 8 exercise many do on social media? This is why I put together a three part workout series for the HydroCore Bag so you can better understand it. After using it for two years, I’ve found it combines the best of all worlds between kettlebells, steel maces, and clubs into one:

“How Do You Use The Top Handles?”

“What If I Want¬†Something More Challenging?”

“Where Do I Buy A HydroCore Bag?”

I hope you enjoyed this simple guide on how to use your Onnit HydroCore Bag. If you haven’t gotten one yet you can CLICK HERE to get yours now on Onnit’s website. They do tend to run out of stock on these from time to time as well because of their growing popularity. If you have any questions — feel free to send a personal email on the CONTACT page above.